Skills, Service and Sport

Components must be followed for 1 to 1.5 hours per week as a minimum. There is no maximum.

For Bronze each component must be followed for three months plus one component must be followed for an additional three months - 6 months in total. 
For Silver each component must be followed for six months.
For Gold each component must be followed for twelve months. 
(there are some additional requirements for fast track students- check with the IA office if you are doing fast track!)

The process for starting a component is as follow:

  1. All components must be approved by the IA coordinator before students commence them.
  2. Students do this by completing the online section approval form (a link to which can also be found on the home page of the LGB IA website.) 
  3. I will approve the component and email students who can then start to log their component on the on-line record book.(ORB
  4. At this point students can start their component.
  5. Alternatively the component could be deferred (which usually means we need more information about it) or if the component proposal is not suitable for IA it may not be approved. 

Here are some ideas for Skills, Service and Sport

Debating Club - LGB- See Mrs McKenzie
Photography Club - LGB - See Mr Power
Art and Digital Art Club - LGB See Mr Sapherson
Music & Signing - Learn a whole range of musical instrument or sing! - LGB- See Mr Davies
Drama Club - LGB- See Mr Sapherson

SPORT - Physical Recreation
The whole range of school extra curricular sport is available to you plus any other number of other sport clubs, dance clubs, martial arts clubs, yoga etc. outside of school. Take your pick! 

The range of service that students undertake is huge.
Students often help out in the middle school and primary school (contact Middle and Primary school receptions), either as after school help with buses, playground supervisions or helping at clubs and societies or just as classroom help to individual teachers.  (Contact Derinda Barrance)
Some students help out in coaching sport to junior students.
In the secondary school students often help other students at the learning centre (Mrs Griffiiths), LIPS (Contact Mr Osman) or through individual departments. Some students serve on STUCO or even help out in IA expedition centre. (Miss Wilson)
LGB Express - become involved in the LGB e-newspaper. - (See Miss Kretzmeier)
Helping at an Old Peoples' Home: Maison de Pressy, Vandoeuvres.  (Previously the contact was:  Flore Laurent) 

Outside of school students have offered to help tutoring in the learning support departments of local primary schools, have helped out in old peoples homes, served as a leader in youth groups in their church/scout/youth groups. Students have helped at the Salvation Army and Emmaus centres in Geneva, helped at local animals centres, equestrian centre  and vetenary clinics. It could even be you serve with the red cross at regular events.