Getting Started With the Award Sections

IA Bronze - Starting Your Sections


What are the ‘Online Section Approval Form’ and The Online Record Book (ORB) I hear people talking about?

When you have chosen your skill, service or physical recreation you must get prior approval from a member of the IA Staff before you start. You do this by filling in this online form.


Shortly afterwards you will receive an email telling your either:

“The component has been approved. .”


“The component has been deferred.

Often components that have been deferred just need some further clarification and discussion before they can be approved, so deferral does not automatically mean you won’t be able to follow a component.

After the approval you can register for the ORB and start logging your section 

How do I get started with the Online Record Book?

See the relevant section of this website!! 


What about the Adventurous Journey/ Expedition Section?

When you have completed your Adventurous Journey and the associated project, you must upload the information to the ORB and ask the person in charge of expeditions to sign it off..


What do I do when I have all the signatures and completed the ORB? How do I get my Award?

Your Award is approved by the head office in London after it you have completed all the relevant sections. Your award will be given to you at the annual IA award ceremony.