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Orienteering Evenings 6 and 27 April

posted 24 Mar 2011, 14:16 by Colin Cameron   [ updated 24 Mar 2011, 14:33 ]
Orienteering is a great and fun way to improve your navigation skills for your forthcoming expeditions. You will be given a map (and perhaps a compass) and have to navigate as quickly and accurately as possible around a series of checkpoints in the woods and countryside of Jussy and Satigny. Getting lost is all part of the fun and will really help you to think about how to properly relate your map to the area and terrain around you. Although it is fun, it is a really important part of your expedition training and all Bronze and Silver candidates will be expected to attend. Footnote: A previous student of Mr Cameron's participated in the International Award and part of his training was orienteering events just like these. He enjoyed it so much he eventually went on to win the Orienteering World Championship in 2003 (individual) and 2008 (relay). Go ahead and check it out, his name was Jamie Stevenson. You never know it could be you!