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Expedition Announcements

Expedition Announcements

Expeditions - Ideas For possible Expeditions
All candidates at all levels will be expected to complete the hiking training offered. The reasons for this are that regardless of the assessment expedition undertaken, basic skills such as navigation, leave no trace, cooking skills etc will be required. 

All Bronze candidates must do the hiking expedition. It is not possible for Bronze candidates to undertake any other expedition assessment.

For Silver and Gold candidates it is possible to undertake expedition other than the 'normal' hiking expeditions. Students are actively encouraged to come up with their own expedition ideas! Student wishing to undertake such expeditions may have to complete additional training to ensure that any additional skills necessary to are acquired prior to the assessment. The cost of  normal hiking expeditions, held in the local vacinity, is included in the IA subscription.* The cost of any other expeditions will be borne by the participants in addition to their normal IA inscription fees.

'Other' Expeditions Ideas
Clicking on an expedition that has a hyper-link will redirect you to further information about the expedition and estimated costs:

Cross Country Skiing
Mont Blanc


Use the document below to learn about Mountain Weather

Mountain Weather France

Expedition Tips

IA Kit List

IA Gourmet Food Ideas

20 conditions of the Adventurous Journey section

Low Impact Camping Tips

Returning your campsite to its original state

IA_GUIDE.pptx Practical expedition tips by GOLD tour de Mt Blanc September 2011, Alexia, Matt, Simone, Sophie, Raymond.pptx


IA bronze project.pptx

Additional Expedition Training Opportunities
Do you need or want to do some extra expedition training outside of the school?
The link below will provide you with a list of approved IA providers (unfortunately for the moment only in the UK) who could help.
IA approved activity providers. (Note  that all such activities must be approved before you undertake them.)

Other Interesting Expedition Links

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